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Accept payments in real time

Boost conversions with our checkout options for online payment. Using our platform, you can ensure customers have a seamless payment experience, secured with the latest fraud prevention technology.


    Credit and debit cards are a favourite way for customers to pay.

    • Safely accept cards from multiple countries
    • All major schemes are supported: Mastercard®, Visa, Diners Club, Amex
    Multi-currency processing icon

    Multi-currency processing

    • Easy setup
    • Seamless cross-border payments
    • Safe and accessible reach into African markets

    Go global with our multi-currency payment gateway. Earn the loyalty of  international customers by localising the payment currency. Then, when you receive payment, the amount will be settled in South African Rand (ZAR) in your account. Just like that, local is global.

    Mobicred Icon


    Mobicred enables customers to shop online using a revolving credit limit paid in instalments, while you receive settlement in full, up-front. By offering this more flexible payment option to your customers, you’re likely to see higher conversion rates and larger orders.

    • No chargebacks or fraud
    • Lower transaction fees than credit card
    • Direct deposit into your account
    • No merchant account required
    • Reduced shopping cart abandonment rates
    • No banking login details stored, safeguarding sensitive financial data
    Visa Checkout Icon

    Visa Checkout

    Visa Checkout is an online payment solution that makes online shopping more convenient. At checkout, customer’s create a username and password to make their online shopping experiences easier with a single account that can be used across all their devices. What’s more, there is no need to re-enter their card number or address every time they make a purchase from you.

    Instant EFT icon

    Instant EFT

    We offer secureEFT, an instant EFT option enabling customers to make secure online transfers directly from their bank accounts using their internet banking solution.

    • Easy setup
    • Reduced chargebacks
    • Lower transaction fees
    • No online merchant account required
    • Opens online purchases to non-credit card consumers
    • 2 Tier authentication to eliminate fraud
    QR Code Icon

    QR Code

    This popular way to pay is just part of our mobile-forward payment offering. Make it part of yours, today. Gain access to popular options like Zapper and Masterpass.

    • Instant payment
    • Making payments via QR codes is secure all data which is transferred via QR codes is encrypted thus making the payment secure.
    • Quick and Easy to set up
    • High Reliability : QR code payments are a foolproof payment method asit eliminates the probability of any kind of error. The pattern of black boxes consists of unique data which enhances the reliability of the QR code payments.

    Ready, steady, integrate.

    Through our integration options we extend your business to online pay points that optimise sales and increase revenue.

    Enterprise API icon

    Enterprise API

    Ensure that your customer’s payment experience is friction-free. With our enterprise API solution, customers never need to leave your site. We ensure that all safety and compliance issues are in order, every time a customer of yours places an order.

    Virtual Icon


    Shoppers visit your site, select and add the items they want to their shopping cart and when they’re ready to pay our payment pages do all the heavy-lifting. Plus, they’re customisable for added brand appeal.

    Recurring Payments?
    We've got you covered

    Our automated solution suite means less time chasing payments and more time for you to focus on growing your business.

    Bulk payments

    Whatever your billing cycle, you can send us your batch payments for processing. We’ll ensure payments happen on time, every time. Transaction payments tracking and reporting are supported in the same manner as real-time payments.

    • Easy setup and management
    • Automatic collection when payment is due
    • Lower costs than credit card transactions
    • Hassle-free fund collection
    • PCI compliance

    Debit Order Collections

    Not only does our solution support you in processing debit orders, but also with regard to payment scheduling, and managing debit order mandates for authorisation. Simply provide us with the instructions and we’ll recover the funds directly from your customer’s bank account, at every specified interval. You receive payment when it’s due, while your customer never has to worry about a missed payment ever again.

    Coming Soon : Subscriptions

    Our platform enables you to schedule, process and manage payments according to your billing cycle and customer contract or subscription agreements. You gain peace of mind, knowing that you’ll receive payment when it’s due, while your customer never has to miss a payment.

    Payment Link

    Want to embed a link to your payment pages via email or SMS? Our platform enables this quick, easy way for your customers to pay.

    • Completely independent payment solution
    • Quick and easy setup
    • Secure and affordable alternative to other payment mechanisms
    • Paperless billing
    • No online shop necessary
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    Wallets and APMs: For the new world of payments

    An innovative alternative to traditional banking channels, wallets and alternative payment methods (APMs) give customers in new and emerging markets greater financial inclusion, and choice. For you, it means an ever-widening payment footprint, as your e-commerce target markets expand.

    Mobile money icon

    Mobile money

    Using one-time passwords that allow for two-factor authentication via SMS or email, this solution enables secure payment transactions on the go. Wherever your customers are, as long as they have a smartphone in their hands, you’re able to accept payment.

    OTT icon


    A great solution to bridge the worlds of cash and digital payments. Customers simply buy an OTT voucher at one of over 75 000 outlets across South Africa, and use the payment PIN at the bottom of the till slip to make a payment online. OTT is simple and secure way to broaden your payment offering to customers who fall outside of the traditional banking system.

    Wallet icon


    Digital wallets enable customers to make purchases using their smartphones simply by linking their preferred payment method or bank account within the application of their choice. This payment option is a must if your customers fall into the mobile-first generation.

    Mitigate risk and optimise recovery

    We use tokenisation, a bank-benchmarked security protocol to protect sensitive card data, reduce risk of fraud and misuse, and improve recovery.


    Tokenisation ensures sensitive data, such as your customer's card and account information never enters your system, so you don't need to worry about strict security standards, like PCI.

    Also, tokenisation streamlines the checkout process, as customers can create a profile and save their card details, and even multiple card details.

    All future checkout details will be pre-populated for purchase, including the CVV number.

    • Accelerated checkout processes
    • Enhanced user experience
    • Multi-card support: customers can save as many cards as they want
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    Wherever your customers go, we’re there.

    Our multi-channel payment support solutions are cost-effective and add significant value to your e-commerce offering.

    Shopping Cart Plugin Icon

    Shopping Cart Plugin

    Shopping carts have become the backbone of B2C and B2B ecommerce. Our plugin makes integration quick and easy, so your revenue never misses a beat.

      A First: Value-Added Services that really add value

      We’re here to support you through every step of your online payment journey with a range of value-added services.

      Transaction and business reporting

      We integrate with all the major banks on integrated settlement reporting.

      Fraud prevention and management

      We offer a host of fraud management solutions to keep risk to a minimum. With our fraud prevention solutions suite, you can easily manage flagged transactions, blacklisted customers, and incidents of fraud. You’ll receive alerts and suggested action points to guide you through manual reviews to help you maximise fraud security and ensure business as usual.

      Integrated monitoring and alerts

      We provide a systematic, intelligent review of your transaction activity. Simple to deploy, it’s a smart solution to reduce risk and strengthen your payment wall defence.

      Scalable support

      As your business transforms and grows, our value-added services are scalable and responsive to your needs as they arise.

      Integration development services

      We provide comprehensive payment gateway development and integration services, helping you to build a customised ecommerce solution from the get-go.

      Your partner in online payments

      You can count on us to deliver an exceptional payments solution that keeps your business ahead of the curve.

      With a dedicated account manager, backed by a cross-functional team of payment technology specialists, our expert advice and technical support is available to you, 24/7.

      Give your customers greater choice of how to pay illustration

      Give your customers greater choice of how to pay.

      Don’t stress about payments. Talk to us about the solutions best suited to your business.

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      Give your customers greater choice of how to pay illustration