Digitising Cash for Use Online
Customers simply buy a voucher at one of over 92 000 outlets across South Africa, and use the payment PIN at the bottom of the till slip to make a payment online.
It is a simple and secure way to broaden your payment offering to customers who fall outside of the traditional banking system.

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Why do you want it? 

Help Empower Communities
By bridging the cash and digital worlds
Drive Customer Convenience
By meeting them where they are
Grow your customer base
By connecting to your business to cash users

It is so easy for your customer

The customer takes cash to the reseller to buy an OTT Voucher
The customer receives a voucher code on the till slip
The Voucher code is entered on the participating Merchant website for online purchases

It is so easy for You

Complete application and sign agreement
You will receive a starter pack to launch on your platform
You will receive login credentials
add OTT to your checkout